We Attended the 12th Annual Recruitment and Retention Summit

Our team recently had the opportunity to attend the 12th Annual Police Recruitment and Retention Summit. During that time, we had the chance to join over 100 law enforcement professionals to learn about new recruiting tactics and best practices. Our CEO Sam Blonder and CCO Alex Johnston spoke alongside Brittany Winfrey and Sergeant Elisha Gibbs from the Mesa Police Department. The Epic team spoke about their 4 step process and how it has successfully impacted the recruiting efforts of Mesa PD.

Mesa Case Study

In 2022, the Mesa Police Department found itself struggling to recruit new officers. With the help of Epic Recruiting, the Mesa Police Department now has a recruitment campaign tailored specifically to the needs of their department. This includes a brand strategy, photo and video content, a recruiting website and a digital marketing campaign designed to accelerate their recruitment efforts. At the end of the production process with Epic, Mesa PD came out the other side with quality content that highlighted their department and the benefits you get working at Mesa PD. We are currently running their digital marketing campaign, including paid advertising and organic marketing, alongside the in-house content they produce. While we continue their campaign, we’ll be staying up to date on the needs of their department, securing growth opportunities for their recruitment efforts, and measuring the campaign’s success through quantitative metrics.

Enhance your recruiting techniques

Other topics were covered at the conference as well. These included recruiting your best recruiter, women in policing, work culture and more. Attending conferences like The Police Recruitment and Retention Summit can help your department expand its knowledge and understanding of current best practices in law enforcement used across the nation. Learning new information and implementing new techniques will make your department stand out from your local competitors.

Epic's 4 step process

Step #1: Strategy – Research & Data

Our process begins by deep diving into the culture of your department and learning about what makes you different from the rest. We start by opening a conversation with everyone from your department. From Chief to command staff, officers to communications, we learn about the wide range experiences found within your team. We gather information from surveys, ride-alongs, location scouts and more to understand all aspects of your department. This helps us to carefully create a brand that will represent your unique department.

Step #2: Production – Creating Content 

Once we have created your brand, our production team will gather professional photos and videos, creating a surplus of content that will successfully promote your department. We know every department has something that sets them apart from the rest, that’s why the Epic team creates content that tells your unique story and showcases the traditions and individuals that make your department stand out.

Step #3: Website – Recruiting Website 

Having a separate website that is recruiting specific is a crucial step to the Epic process. Your website is the center of your department’s recruiting efforts. This is where you share your brand and attract potential recruits to apply or contact a member of your team easily.

Step #4: Digital Recruiting – Online Recruiting Campaign 

Lastly, we develop a strategic online recruiting campaign that is enhanced by the use of recruitment focused social media channels. These channels include Google, Instagram, Facebook, X, and Youtube and are used to target laterals and new recruits.

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