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How to Recruit More Female Police Officers

women in law enforcement We all know that having women in law enforcement is important, so why is it that there are only 12.6% female officers nationwide? This is a loaded question but it is possible to recruit more female police officers to your department. In fact, in just six months, Hayward PD was able to increase female applicants by 500% when working with

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tips for better police recruiting and retention
Online Police Recruitment

Tips for Better Police Recruiting and Retention within your Department

Searching for new police recruits but not sure how to recruit and retain them throughout the process? This is a common challenge that we have seen with many departments over the last several years and gathering a large pool of candidates to apply and remain engaged throughout the application and background check process has proven to be more and more of a concern. It’s

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Police Recruiter Spotlight with La Habra Police Department

This month’s Featured PD Recruiter is Captain Adam Foster from California’s La Habra Police Department. Foster is originally from Orange County and has been on the force for over 17 years. With experience in SWAT, Internal Affairs, Detective and now the Operations Division, Captain Foster is well respected officer of La Habra PD.  When tasked with improving their law enforcement recruiting, Epic Recruiting was

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Police Officer Recruitment: Digital vs. Traditional Recruiting

Police officer recruitment When planning police officer recruitment, it’s essential to budget for both internal and external costs. What exactly do we mean by this? With over 15 years of experience in private sector recruiting, we have seen first hand what police departments nationwide are challenged with. It’s no longer just taking your recruiting budget to attend job fairs and events to scout the

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Recruiting Police Officers with an Effective Digital Strategy

Recruiting police officers today is a common challenge that many agencies face, especially with all of the distractions in today’s digital era. Is your law enforcement agency overcoming common barriers of recruitment and retention for the new millennium? We’re told that the millennial generation is passionate, hardworking and eager to enter the workforce, yet there is a shortage of police recruitment and jobs. Law

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Recruiting Police Officers Today with the Epic Recruiting Process

Epic Recruiting is the leading law enforcement recruiting agency in the nation. No other recruiting company offers the many services and solutions under one roof for recruiting police officers today. Epic Recruiting’s broad spectrum of services includes strategy and brand development, video production, photography, recruiting website design and administration, job fair booth and print design, and online recruiting. When put together, you get a

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Increase Diversity in Police Recruiting

Diversity in police recruiting is a key aspect in departments across the nation. As this can be a touchy subject, it’s a common conversation across all industries alike. Your team is a direct reflection of the community and it’s important to have hard-working, motivated team members who come from all different walks of life. Having diversity in the department and your team only enhances

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Police Department Social Media Ideas to Increase Applications

Social media is the up and coming tool that will improve your police recruitment plan to attract the next generation. To solve police recruiting problems, it’s a necessity to have bold and creative ideas that showcase your culture. Law enforcement recruiting strategies and having a police recruitment plan have a higher standard now more than ever before. So this means a unique digital marketing strategy, a

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Police Recruitment Video Tips to Increase YouTube Views

Police online recruitment is becoming increasingly more effective with techniques such as police recruitment websites and police recruiting video content. Plus, online recruitment costs are more effective than traditional techniques. Epic Recruiting has experts that produce engaging, professional police recruiting videos for law enforcement departments across the nation. Then, once you have videos… what’s next? While still valuable, the best police recruiting video practices

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