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The Police Recruiting and Retention Summit with Epic Recruiting

Epic Recruiting is heading to the 4th Annual Police Recruitment and Retention Summit from December 10th to December 11! Focused on targeting young generations in a challenging time for police recruitment and retention, this Summit will give insight on the future of police recruiting. Our Digital Recruiter, Andrea Fogle, will be speaking during the Summit about how to target recruits through effective social media and various

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Digital Police Recruitment Plan: Case Study

Social media is the up and coming tool that will improve your police recruitment plan to attract the next generation. To solve police recruiting problems, it’s a necessity to have bold and creative ideas that showcase your culture. Law enforcement recruiting strategies and having a police recruitment plan have a higher standard now more than ever before. So this means a unique digital marketing strategy, a

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Police Recruitment Video Tips: Increase YouTube Video Views

Police online recruitment is becoming increasingly more effective with techniques such as police recruitment websites and police recruiting video content. Plus, online recruitment costs are more effective than traditional techniques. Epic Recruiting has experts that produce engaging, professional police recruiting video for law enforcement Departments across the nation. Then, once you have videos… what’s next? While still valuable, the best police recruiting video practices

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