Case Study

Looking for a place

to have a great career, raise a family, enjoy countless activities and breathtaking views every single day? That’s Calaveras County. All of these factors is what makes Calaveras stand out from other counties and for us, gave us the perfect backdrop when capturing content and telling their story because here, Your Future Is Wide Open

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Being that we had the perfect slate to build on.

We first worked closely with Calaveras County to understand their goals and objectives. Of course they have many selling points as to why a recruit would consider joining their organization but the discovery phase is the time to map out potential video concepts, unique stories of officers, and much more. After gathering that information, we were able to capture their vision with video production. In this recruiting video, the scenery speaks for itself showing just how diverse and vast the county a potential candidate can serve is. Not only that, but hearing from Sheriff Rick Dibasilio and just how many sheriff opportunities there are available really brings this video home. 


Just as there are several different landscapes to enjoy in Calaveras County,

there are several career options as well. Working for Calaveras, Your Future Is Wide Open and you are given the opportunity to excel in your career and experience other areas of the agency. In addition to the overview recruiting video, we produced one solely focusing on Correctional Officer jobs and hearing from those who currently serve and how they got to where they are today.

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Want to reach millennials?

Don’t forget about social media! Our team created a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube account for Calaveras County that expressed their unique branding. Each month, our team creates a social media content calendar so Calaveras CSO is always in the know of what content is being posted and what day. For consistency, our team manages these channels to increase follows, likes, shares, and overall engagement.

The La Habra PD recruiting website...

is a clean, highly optimized recruiting machine.   Designed from the ground up by Epic to do one thing, convert leads into applications. Featuring powerful photography gathered in the field with real officers and supported by the videos to drive the La Habra brand home, this website will serve the Department for years to come. More than a transitory job listing on a job search site, this tool serves the La Habra PD 24/7, 365.  Improving the Department’s online presence with each and every click.