The Epic

Epic is committed to getting you the most qualified candidates for your department. 

How We Do It!

The epic 4 Step Recruiting Process

Market Research and Campaign Planning

Video Production and Professional Photography

Design, Development, Administration and Hosting

Online Recruiting and Social Media Management


Research Data

Let’s just say this isn’t our first rodeo. Epic brings 16 years of marketing experience to your department. Real-time data and rigorous market research to help extract the elements that set you apart from other agencies all while developing a thoughtful and cohesive campaign.  


Creating Content

It’s showtime! Once a strategy is built, content creation starts. Epic’s creative team arrives and produces enough content to market your department for an entire year. This includes sworn and non-sworn recruiting videos and professional photography to tell your story. 


Recruiting Website

Your recruiting website is the center of your department recruiting efforts and should act as an electronic brochure. Share your brand, allow users to apply or contact a recruiter easily, and retarget visitors at a later time.

Digital Recruiting

Online Recruiting and Social Media Job Postings

Develop a seamless and strategic online recruiting campaign targeting laterals and new recruits through channels like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.