Custom Recruiting Site

Show up on the first page of Google and jump start your recruiting with a website built to capture and convert candidates.


Keep it simple.
Focus on what matters.


Share your brand. Let your website be a place to showcase the camaraderie within your department. What kind of department are you? What type of candidate are you looking to hire? Why should someone work for you? All of these questions can be addressed with your videos, photos, and information on the site.


Simplify the Call To Action. Every page on the site should serve a purpose and guide recruits down the sales funnel. Make it easy to allow users to apply or contact a recruiter in 1 or 2 clicks. Apply now or contact a recruiter buttons should be front and center and when possible, use an active, inverted color to make it pop. 


Gather important data. With site-wide analytics built into the architecture of the your website, the data you will receive is priceless. Most importantly, get in front of potential candidates after they leave the site and expand your outreach exponentially with retargeting campaigns which can only be achieved by having analytics.

Websites that Work

Check out a few of the websites we have created for other departments just like yours.

Google Analytics

Analyze Data

Google Analytics allows you to track many important metrics, covering all aspects that are important to your team. You can monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies, onsite content, user experience, and device functionality. All these statistics show you what is working well, and more importantly, what isn’t.


Track recruiting efforts

Keep command staff in the loop and pull data for your next city council meeting. Having your own recruiting site offers a treasure trove of data that informs all stakeholders from HR to the Chief that the dollars and hours spent recruiting are working. This type of information you can only get with an Epic Recruiting website.


Grow Organic Traffic

With your own recruiting website, you can optimize solely for the purpose of attracting those looking for a job. Search Engine Optimization, you need it, we got it. Your site is designed to be highly visible on Google. Epic’s SEO/SEM team are experts in optimizing your site to stand out on search results and build organic rank.

The 4 Step Recruiting Process

Market Research and Campaign Planning

Video Production and Professional Photography

Design, Development, Administration and Hosting

Online Recruiting and Social Media Management