Case Study

Berkeley came to Epic...

looking to increase overall brand awareness for both dispatch and entry-level job opportunities while attracting more diverse candidates. What set Berkeley apart from other local agencies is their diverse culture and unique team members, each with their own inspiring story. Additionally, they have several benefits that encourages recruits that they Belong in Berkeley.


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We created several law enforcement recruiting videos for Berkeley Police,

All highlighting different elements of their unique Department. At Berkeley, you have the opportunity to protect and serve a community made up of diverse, hardworking, creative, and passionate people… and that’s exactly what showcased in their main recruiting video. The objective of this video was to capture their diverse culture and tight knit community. Each team member serves a very important purpose and role making them the star of our video concept.

A message from the Chief...

can go a long way, especially for new recruits and the community you serve. What better way to capture that message through a police recruiting video? Berkeley Police Department wanted to create a video that encapsulated their mission and vision all in one inspiring recruiting video. 

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What are you bringing with you to trade shows and job fairs?

This is something we also helped Berkeley with. We developed and created cohesive branding that is in line with their message and collateral. This booth mock-up is one of the many pieces we produced for them. Now, when they attend events, they stand out among the other Departments and have consistent branding when a potential recruit wants to learn more information on their website. 

‘You Belong In Berkeley’

and the recruiting video is the very first thing you see upon visiting their new recruiting website. Extracting their recruiting efforts from the city website, this mobile-optimized and user-friendly website now has the capability to capture potential recruit information and provide valuable job opportunities and descriptions. The new Berkeley PD site was designed to convert leads and showcase their new content, all while showcasing their brand.  

Last but certainly not least

Social media and a strategic online recruiting campaign. Taking all of the elements above including custom photography, recruiting videos, ideal landing pages on the website, and new branding, our team developed a robust marketing plan to reach potential recruits during their police job research. From banner ads online when reading articles and social media promotion to YouTube ads and Google search campaigns, Berkeley has increased their reach, online presence, and number of applicants per month.