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Epic Recruiting is proud of the work we’ve done for law enforcement agencies. See how we have helped departments attract the right recruits.

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We understand the legacy each law enforcement agency has established over the years. It is our mission to not only tell their story, but extend their reach and diversify their applicant pool. Their success is what drives our team and pushes us to continually exceed expectations. Don’t take our word for it, check out these police recruiting case studies and see the results. Learn how Epic Recruiting continues to assist police departments by modernizing and amplifying their continued recruitment efforts.

Berkeley PD

Calaveras Sheriff

La Habra PD

Richmond PD

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Police Recruiting

Showcase Your Department Culture

Developing a solid relationship with your community can enhance public safety, recruit new members, and make people feel welcome at your department. This is especially crucial in diverse communities where understanding the people that make up the community is vital for law enforcement to serve and represent them effectively.

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Police Recruiting

Boost Your Recruitment

Have you ever wondered how police departments can increase the number of applicants and recruits? One effective strategy is to host hiring fairs, where interested individuals can learn more about the department and the application process. Another approach is to visit schools and universities to provide information about careers in law enforcement.

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