Epic leadership

Sam Blonder

CEO / Co-Founder

Sam Blonder received a BFA in classic film techniques from the Savannah College of Art and Design and spent several years building a production portfolio at a CBS affiliate. In 2004, he co-founded Epic. Always keeping an eye out for new services and opportunities to expand and improve Epic’s services, Sam has spent the last 16 years leveraging Epic’s amazing team of creative professionals to benefit its many clients.

Alex Johnston

CCO / Co-Founder

Alex Johnston began his production career straight out of college. After receiving his degree from Northern Arizona University, Alex obtained a job as Promotions Producer for a CBS affiliate. After fine-tuning his writing, editing, and production skills, Alex co-founded Epic. At Epic, every day begins with a challenge, and ends with a creative solution. Above all, Alex enjoys the relationship he has with his clients, and discovering new and innovative ways to tell their stories.

Davis Berryhill

Digital Marketing manager

Davis is a digital marketing and social media strategist, content marketing guru & coffee connoisseur. Upon graduating from The University of Arizona, Davis began working with a technology support company in their digital marketing department. Now, as the Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy, her goal is to help clients develop strong connections with their customers via social media and digital marketing channels while crafting unique online marketing strategies to increase ROI internally.

For Over 16 Years

Epic has been offering the private sector marketing, recruiting, and production services. Eventually we found ourselves in front of law enforcement agencies and discovered our particular service mixture of high-quality production, hands-on digital strategy, and top-flight customer service was a natural fit for law enforcement. Over the years, we have expanded to bring full spectrum recruiting services to law enforcement under a single umbrella. That’s one vendor, one phone call, and one company held accountable for your departments recruiting needs. There is no other law enforcement recruiting firm in the nation offering this level of service and expertise specifically and strategically designed to assist law enforcement in recruiting.

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