Case Study

La Habra PD came to Epic recruiting...

with a clear mission, brand our department.  It’s not an unusual request.  In fact at Epic Recruiting we find most departments are struggling to find their voice and stand out among a crowded and highly competitive recruiting marketplace.  As is usually the case, however, finding out what’s special about a particular department is not difficult and in fact comes to light very quickly. 

  • Recruiting Videos

  • Website

  • Print Brochures

  • Photography

  • “Join” Logo Design

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The discovery phase is the most important...

and one of the more enjoyable parts our job, because it allows us to meet and spend some time with the men and women of each department.  For La Habra, the brand came into focus quickly… helping officers build successful lifelong careers in law enforcement.  La Habra PD nurtures a positive training environment while communicating a clear career path and making sure opportunities for specialties are available.  In short, Careers are Made Here.

With the brand built, the next step...

was creating video and photo content to tell that story.  Working closely with the recruiting team at La Habra, Epic recruiting filmed officers engaged in training and law enforcement across the community. These recruiting videos and photographs will be used for online recruiting campaigns, social media, brochures, and on the recruiting website Epic designed.

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The La Habra PD recruiting website...

is a clean, highly optimized recruiting machine.   Designed from the ground up by Epic to do one thing, convert leads into applications. Featuring powerful photography gathered in the field with real officers and supported by the videos to drive the La Habra brand home, this website will serve the Department for years to come. More than a transitory job listing on a job search site, this tool serves the La Habra PD 24/7, 365.  Improving the Department’s online presence with each and every click.