The Juneau Police Department’s Journey to Attract Top Talent


Recruiting for the Juneau Police Department (JPD) presents unique challenges due to its isolated geographic location surrounded by glaciers and mountains. Accessible only by boat or plane, unfamiliarity with the area and high housing prices often deter potential recruits. Despite these hurdles, JPD offers a professional environment and strong community support, setting it apart from others.

In an interview with Lieutenant Jeremy Weske from JPD, insights into their innovative recruitment strategies were revealed as well as the unique challenges the departments faced when hiring. Recognizing the need for modernization, JPD sought assistance from Epic to leverage their internet effectively. This shift marked a pivotal step towards enhancing their recruitment efforts.

“Working with Epic helps with that strategic outlook and the consistency we have now. It helps to have somebody else there to help frame those narratives for us.”

One of the notable changes has been the consistent flow of advertisements across various platforms, including targeted Google ads and engaging social media campaigns. By partnering with Epic, JPD ensured a comprehensive approach to recruitment, from website development to maintaining a strong online presence.

“The biggest change once working with Epic is having a steady flow of advertisements going out. Paid advertisements and all Google advertisements is something we didn’t have before.”

The results are promising, with an increase in applications indicating growing interest. However, Lieutenant Weske emphasizes the importance of patience, as the hiring process can be lengthy due to high standards. Despite the challenges, JPD remains committed to guiding applicants through the process, ensuring a smooth experience.

“The process can be confusing and can feel tedious, but we are committed to hiring high-quality employees.”

JPD’s commitment to excellence extends beyond recruitment. Lieutenant Weske shares insights into the rigorous hiring process designed to maintain high-quality standards. While it may seem daunting, JPD assures applicants of support throughout, underscoring their desire to welcome dedicated individuals to their team.

“As long as they’re staying engaged with us, we are trying to get them through as quickly as we can, while still maintaining that level of quality.”

Lieutenant Weske’s journey within JPD reflects the dynamic opportunities available within the department. Starting as a patrol officer in 2006, he has navigated various roles, including bomb squad and accident reconstruction. JPD’s fluid career trajectory underscores its commitment to fostering talent and providing diverse experiences to its members.

As JPD continues its quest for exceptional recruits, their collaboration with Epic stands as a testament to their dedication to innovation and excellence in law enforcement. The journey towards modernization reflects their unwavering commitment to serving the community with integrity and professionalism.

“I was incredibly impressed with how professional they were. It was like you were on a movie set. They held our hand through the entire thing and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” 


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