Paradise Valley Police Department’s Recruitment Story

Project Profile

Paradise Valley, Arizona, is a luxurious town located between Scottsdale and Phoenix, known for its picturesque landscapes, lavish resorts, and multimillion-dollar homes. It offers serene retreats with stunning views of Camelback Mountain and Mummy Mountain, world-class golf courses, upscale shopping, and gourmet dining experiences. Despite its proximity to urban centers, Paradise Valley maintains a tranquil ambiance. Epic Recruiting collaborated with the Paradise Valley Police Department to enhance its workforce and elevate its recruitment efforts. Highlighting the department’s stunning surroundings and the team’s remarkable camaraderie proved effortless, thanks to the breathtaking surroundings and the evident unity and positivity among staff. 

Epic provided a wide range of comprehensive services to enhance the department’s recruitment efforts, including developing a recruitment website. Their services encompassed the production of photos and videos, branding, creation of a recruiting-specific website, marketing strategies, advertisements, and social media posts. All of these were meticulously crafted by the Epic team to spotlight the department and attract quality recruits. 

The Paradise Valley Police Department (PVPD) has a rich history of serving its community with dedication and integrity. Established with a mission to uphold safety and security, PVPD has long been a cornerstone of law enforcement in the region. However, despite its noble objectives, the department encountered significant challenges in recruitment. Before partnering with Epic, PVPD faced the pressing issue of retention. This shortage of personnel posed operational hurdles and strained existing resources, impacting the department’s ability to fulfill its mission effectively. The recruitment process was demanding, and attracting qualified candidates proved to be an intimidating task. Recognizing the situation’s urgency, PVPD sought external assistance to revamp its recruitment strategies and address the staffing shortfall. 

PVPD and Epic collaborated to address recruitment challenges. They conducted a Discovery Day on-site to identify specific objectives of their recruitment needs. Epic developed a strategy to enhance PV’s recruitment efforts by crafting targeted messaging and selecting appropriate mediums to reach potential candidates. Epic provided production services, using photography, videography, branding, and digital marketing practices to create compelling content showcasing PVPD’s unique attributes and career opportunities. The goal was to optimize recruitment outcomes and attract qualified individuals.  

Epic developed and launched a stand alone recruitment website to enhance its effectiveness. The website visually showcases the department’s values, culture, and career opportunities, ensuring consistency across all platforms. Branding and messaging are integrated to reinforce the department’s unique identity. A user-friendly interface and navigation system were prioritized, allowing visitors to access information and explore job listings easily. These efforts aimed to increase interest and applications for positions within the department, resulting in a seamless experience.

The anticipated long-term benefits for PVPD resulting from its collaboration with Epic include:

Enhanced Recruitment Outcomes: By leveraging Epic’s expertise in branding, marketing, and digital strategy, PVPD can expect to attract a larger pool of qualified candidates over the long term. This influx of talent will strengthen the department’s workforce and improve its operational effectiveness. 


Improved Retention Rates: By effectively showcasing the department’s unique culture, values, and career advancement opportunities through the recruitment website and other promotional materials, PVPD can cultivate a more engaged and committed workforce. This, in turn, can lead to higher retention rates and reduced turnover within the department.


Elevated Public Image: Through strategic branding and messaging, PVPD can enhance its reputation within the community and among potential recruits. A positive public image can bolster trust and confidence in the department, leading to increased support from residents within the community.


Long-Term Cost Savings: By streamlining the recruitment process and attracting top talent more efficiently, PVPD can potentially reduce costs associated with recruitment advertising, hiring, and training. This can result in significant long-term savings for the department.

Overall, the collaboration with Epic has the potential to yield substantial and long-lasting benefits for the Paradise Valley Police Department, positioning the agency for continued success in the years to come. Visit to see PVPD’s stand-alone recruitment website. 

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