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The San Francisco Police Department’s website has a unique style that captures the city’s innovative spirit. The website features videos embedded in the background that showcase the liveliness of San Francisco, making it stand out from other department websites. The Bay Area is one of the world’s most vibrant, beautiful, and diverse regions. The SFPD website clarifies that there’s much to offer those looking for a rewarding career. 

When choosing a law enforcement job, many look for a department that stands out and leaves a lasting impression. The San Francisco Police Department has several qualities that make it unique compared to other departments in the area. Highlighting these qualities makes SFPD an attractive option for potential recruits and applicants. The department’s recruiting website showcases its individuality and presents the most distinctive and exciting aspects of the department. While every department has unique features that distinguish it from others, it can be challenging to know how to showcase them effectively. Epic Recruiting has the expertise to present your differences in a positive and creative manner.

The SFPD website’s creative direction is led by Mike Ford, the creative director at Epic. He says the tagline “Be the Change” encourages applicants to make a difference in their community, career, and opportunities. It reflects SFPD’s forward-thinking approach to policing, and the website’s design follows a futuristic vibe. Epic’s approach is a blend of high-concept branding with user-friendly design that has proven successful for their recruiting clients. Mike explains that they have used neon elements in the videos and imagery, along with vibrant colors, to create a consistent and visually appealing experience across all pages of the website. This makes the recruiting website far different from any other. The titles are big and bold, allowing visitors to navigate the site quickly. Additionally, the “Apply Now” button is always in the navigation, encouraging the visitor to take the next step. These factors work together to help SFPD build its brand and reach candidates who want to “Be the Change”.

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