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Epic Recruiting is the leading law enforcement recruiting agency in the nation.

The Epic 4 Step Recruiting Process

Market Research and Campaign Planning

Video Production and Professional Photography

Design, Development, Administration and Hosting

Online Recruiting and Social Media Management

The Recruiting Leader

Epic Recruiting is the leading law enforcement recruiting agency in the nation. No other agency even comes close to matching the breadth of services and solutions Epic offers under a single roof. We help your department generate qualified applicants to apply on your recruiting website using videos, photography, online campaigns, and other creative initiatives. Count on us to attract your next generation of police officers and department personnel. 

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The Results

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Application and recruiter percentage results displayed are based on 2018 online campaign for Hayward Police Department. Impressions results based on all active and prior PD campaigns.

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Police Recruiting

Showcase Your Department Culture

Developing a solid relationship with your community can enhance public safety, recruit new members, and make people feel welcome at your department. This is especially crucial in diverse communities where understanding the people that make up the community is vital for law enforcement to serve and represent them effectively.

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Police Recruiting

Boost Your Recruitment

Have you ever wondered how police departments can increase the number of applicants and recruits? One effective strategy is to host hiring fairs, where interested individuals can learn more about the department and the application process. Another approach is to visit schools and universities to provide information about careers in law enforcement.

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