Transforming Law Enforcement Recruitment


Law enforcement agencies across the United States are trying to navigate the tricky recruitment territory. The Paradise Valley Police Department (PVPD) is at the forefront of this challenge. Recently, PVPD has seen success in its recruiting initiatives and has begun a partnership with Epic Recruiting. Commander Patrick Beumler of PVPD shared insights on the department and its work with Epic Recruiting. 

Challenges in Recruitment:

Commander Beumler stated the unique hurdles of PVPD. He emphasized the need to find candidates who share the department’s values. He said, “Our community has very little violent crime. So, officers who want constant action will become disenchanted.” However, PVPD’s commitment to proactive community policing and meticulous crime resolution demands a distinctive set of attributes from potential recruits. 

Modernization Initiatives:

Reflecting on the department’s journey toward modernization, Commander Beumler highlighted vital steps. “We scouted what other agencies were doing. We put our recruiting team through extra training. And we brought in a new HR Director with experience in law enforcement.” Yet, the actual turning point was the collaboration with Epic, heralding a new era of recruitment strategies.

EPIC Collaboration:

Epic’s expertise in enhancing its online presence proved transformative. Commander Beumler attested, “We enlisted the services of EPIC to enhance our online and social media presence with high-quality production, to be more professional and intentional with how we target our potential candidates.” This partnership catapulted PVPD’s visibility, attracting a group of high-caliber candidates.

Tangible Benefits:

The impact was palpable. Commander Beumler noted, “The quality of candidates has increased quite a bit, allowing us to make several hires.” Epic’s intervention broadened the candidate pool, facilitating successful recruitment despite prevailing challenges.

Funding and Sustainability:

Funding was critical to sustaining these initiatives. The supportive community and town council generously gave the financing. Commander Beumler affirmed, “We are fortunate to have a very supportive community and town council who want to see their police department provide the best service possible with the best people behind the badge.”

Fundamental Changes and Strategies:

Epic’s approach to online recruiting campaigns changed the recruitment strategy. “Moving to a dedicated recruitment website and social media channels and then funneling all our recruitment efforts through those portals,” Commander Beumler remarked, underscoring the importance of a centralized approach.

Distinctiveness and Individuality:

When explaining PVPD’s distinctiveness, Commander Beumler emphasized, “We are unique in that we have low crime, high community, and council support, a great police department that prioritizes upgrading to the latest technology and resources.” Epic’s specific approach effectively showcased these attributes, crystallizing PVPD’s identity in recruitment materials.


The PVPD and Epic Recruiting show how innovation and teamwork transform law enforcement recruitment. PVPD sets new benchmarks through partnerships and initiatives, using them to attract top talent to protect and serve Paradise Valley.

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