Project Profile: HCSO

Epic teamed up with Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office to help them create a high-impact, show-stopping recruiting campaign designed to drive applications and improve retention numbers. 

With a staff of over 4000 and a jurisdiction that covers over 1200 miles, HCSO represented both a great opportunity and a daunting challenge. How do you distill everything that makes working for this SO so great down to a single message delivered by 7 videos and a website? The answer? Well, it wasn’t easy, but it sure was a lot of fun.

Epic focused on several factors. The first was resources. Showcasing the seemingly endless supply of tools and training provided to deputies to help them do the job safely and efficiently. Epic highlighted the late model Chevy Tahoes Deputies will be driving on the job and the elite level training they receive. Also, taking advantage of the picturesque surroundings to display some key specialty opportunities like marine patrol. And summed it all up with an overview video that presses down on the accelerator and doesn’t let up.


As with most campaigns some of the best marketing material came from leveraging surprise opportunities presented to the Epic Recruiting producers. Rare opportunities that create unforgettable content… Closing a freeway to stage a high speed pursuit, Filming the SWAT team clearing abandoned ocean liners, and the perfect drizzle of rain falling on the Honor Guard as they presented the colors. Amazing support from the HCSO Public Relations team helped ensure that those magical moments happened over and over again and made this a successful campaign.