Police Recruitment Video Tips to Increase YouTube Views

Police online recruitment is becoming increasingly more effective with techniques such as police recruitment websites and police recruiting video content. Plus, online recruitment costs are more effective than traditional techniques. Epic Recruiting has experts that produce engaging, professional police recruiting videos for law enforcement departments across the nation. Then, once you have videos… what’s next? While still valuable, the best police recruiting video practices include more than solely uploading content to your police recruitment website. We’re here to share with you some of the necessary tips for increasing views on your department’s police recruiting video content and maximizing your return on investment!

First, we know that YouTube is a vital piece of the puzzle when improving police recruiting efforts. It is currently the second largest search engine which leads to great opportunity through online exposure. All police recruiting videos should be uploaded and optimized on YouTube in order to increase organic searches of your department. Here are some of the easiest ways to quickly increase your police online recruitment when sharing videos online!

1. Suggest more Videos


Cards are a very handy feature in YouTube! This is an opportunity to share other content while your video is being watched. Add cards to other videos, playlists or channels. By doing so, you can leverage all of your videos to get more views and lead viewers to your channel to watch more content. You’ll want to spread your cards out across the whole video and make sure that they are related so viewers are inclined to click on them.

2. Climactic Thumbnails

Police recruitment is about selling the job to prospective candidates. Optimize your video content by choosing a climatic thumbnail. The more exciting and enticing the thumbnail, the more likely viewers are to click and watch. You also want to make sure that the preview is representative of what viewers will be watching, rather than an unrelated snapshot. Grab a shot from the video or upload an image, don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

3. Use Your Keywords

YouTube is a search engine and scans through all content posted to optimize search results. One way they do this is through tags. Tag your videos with keywords related to the content. This way, for example, when people look for “police recruiting video”, your video has a better chance of popping up. Use synonyms and post as many as necessary to cast a wide net for searches. Unsure about what words to use? A great first step is to thoroughly research what police recruitment searches are trending.

4. title and description

Next up, another way YouTube scans content is through descriptions and titles. When uploading your police recruiting video, optimize the number of views by loading your description with keywords. Your title should especially include a relevant keyword, while still being descriptive of the content subject. Like your police recruitment website, your YouTube channel is a platform to showcase your Department’s values and mission. The description of your police recruiting videos is a great place to showcase this.

5. call to action


While your YouTube channel houses all your videos, there are most likely other places you’d like to drive viewers to as well. For instance, social media platforms or a police recruitment website. This is why a call to action is important! In the description of your police recruitment video, end with a request from your viewers. Ask them to apply, to visit your website, to subscribe or follow on social media. Leverage the increase in views to get you more applicants!

Improve your police recruitment video strategy

While there are many things you can do to increase the traffic of your police recruiting video content, this is a good place to start. Epic Recruiting understands what it takes for an effective police online recruitment strategy. With our experienced team that has worked extensively with Departments of all sizes, we have everything you need from video production to digital marketing strategy. If you’re ready to see an increase in qualified applicants to your Department, reach out to us today!

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