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Unleash your background unit’s full potential with Epic’s Background Investigation Services.

Industry’s leading Background Investigation Platform

Epic brings your department the industry’s leading Background Investigation software. Developed and managed by Guardian Alliance Technologies and built on decades of investigation experience, this background investigation platform enhances the investigation process while improving quality and reliability. All while putting the power of easily qualifying candidate back in your hands.

Background Investigations Powered By:

Tools you
can use

Built into your recruiting website. Standard.

Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ)

Digitally collect and review complete applicant answers to ensure they are a good fit for your agency.

Concerns Report

Immediately identifies any potential issues such as a reported history of drug use, domestic violence, or other relevant issues.

Document Management

Applicants access, fill out, and return your own agency documents directly through their online portal.

Need More Investigative Support?

We’ve got you covered with enhanced pay as you go background services.


Keep the finance team happy with our pay as you go platform. Only pay for the services you use. No minimums and no more guessing how many investigations you might need to purchase. Run the investigations and/or social media screens and get an invoice at the end of the month. It’s that easy.


Let Epic organize and automate your investigation process using Guardian’s robust Investigation Service. One click to reference information and check local records. Easily locate investigation documents and automatically generate your final report and built in chain of command approval keeps command staff in the loop.


Collect all available online Applicant information, including activity on popular social media sites using artificial intelligence algorithms. Concerning information is automatically compiled into a summary document (FCRA & EEOC Compliant).

Background Investigations Powered By:

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Candidate Qualification and Background Investigation