Police Department Social Media Ideas to Increase Applications

Social media is the up and coming tool that will improve your police recruitment plan to attract the next generation. To solve police recruiting problems, it’s a necessity to have bold and creative ideas that showcase your culture.

Law enforcement recruiting strategies and having a police recruitment plan have a higher standard now more than ever before. So this means a unique digital marketing strategy, a user-friendly website and compelling video and imagery to compliment it. Luckily, Epic Recruiting has cracked the code. With this example of a police recruiting plan, our clients see real results and know how to recruit police officers more successfully.

Our type of creative law enforcement recruiting strategies get your department on the digital map, increasing presence through various channels. Keep reading to see the results we got in just one month with our police recruiting services.


Before starting any project, we listen and take into account your department’s goals, values, needs and more. With Hayward PD, the objective was to extend online presence through various traffic channels. This meant building a police recruiting website, creating police department social media content and ultimately increasing brand awareness. Of course, it’s also important to consider the average online recruitment costs when building a law enforcement marketing strategy.

Build a Brand

Distinguish the law enforcement recruiting brand from the city brand. Extracting your recruiting efforts from the city website allows you to control your messaging and create a memorable and cohesive user experience.

Develop Content

It’s important to build inventory of content including photos and recruiting videos for all department social media platforms. The more content you have in your library, the better.

Online Presence

Reach untapped audiences and become known in the community and city as well as surrounding cities. Not only focusing on social media channels, but across all online platforms. 


Next, we break down the objective into more details. By creating a digital recruitment strategy, we’re able to know what applicants are searching and act accordingly to stay ahead of competitors. We found the best results when focusing on these platforms.


  • Create and maintain a user-friendly website
  • Utilize effective SEO strategies, increasing visibility
  • Make application information easily accessible


  • Post frequently to engage with the community and potential applicants
  • Provide relevant content to followers and lead them to the website


  • Produce enticing content to represent the department
  • Capture the mission, values and camaraderie of the department
  • Build inventory of content to distribute across platforms


  • Inexpensively increase viewer traffic through targeted ads
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Drive viewers directly to the website and increase applications


The fact is, you no longer have to wonder if your digital police recruitment plan will work. We have proven results that show Epic Recruiting’s creative social media ideas are effective. Our method not only helps gain more traffic on your website, but also creates a huge increase in qualified applicants. Having a strong police recruiting website is like having a 24 hour job fair for less money and resources!


Without paid recruiting ads, Hayward’s organic website  traffic would have only been 3% but with Epic Recruiting’s digital specialists, 79% of visitors were driven by videos and ads. Not only was there an increase in viewers, but we are targeting candidates in their market, leading to 327 applicants in a month.

Takeaway: Paid search gets your Department in front of those looking for you, quicker.


Another law enforcement recruiting strategy we used was video content. Our videos are produced in-house from start to finish, bringing your vision to life. Show the next generation of police officers and why they should chose your department through digital ads, social media videos, a message from the chief and more. Videos are the number one way to keep visitors on your page longer and we saw that here with Hayward Police. These videos were the centerpiece of the digital ads that increased applications by 685%.

Takeaway: Professional video sets you apart from competitors and increases viewers to your recruiting website.


60% of the visitors on the website were under the age of 34. This is part of the reason why police department social media is so important. Social media is a modern way to directly market to younger generations while providing powerful content. This also leads to opportunities of viral police recruiting videos that will drive more viewers to your law enforcement recruiting website.

Takeaway: Police department social media engages the community and appeals to younger applicants.

Epic Recruiting has years of experience working with agencies of all sizes. Our work speaks for itself with measurable ROI and an increase in applicants. With traditional recruitment techniques supporting our digital police recruitment plan, we see results every time. Increase the quantity and quality of applicants to your department with your very own personalized plan.

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