Innovations in Law Enforcement Technology

Comparing the Taser 10 and Taser 7

Recently, Epic Recruiting visited the Paradise Valley Police Department to observe officers training with the new Taser 10, gaining valuable insights into its advantages over the older Taser 7 model. This hands-on experience highlighted the Taser 10’s enhanced accuracy, increased range, and improved reliability, as well as its dual-shot capability, advanced targeting systems, and better analytic tracking. It is evident after training Taser 10 that the critical importance of updating law enforcement equipment is to ensure officer and public safety, operational efficiency, and alignment with evolving technological standards. 

"Police work is ever-evolving, and so is technology. We need to make sure we keep up with the technology that's out there. There's the expectation from the community to be highly trained, highly skilled, and know what we're doing." - PVPD Detective Adam Balcom

Taser 7: The Standard for the Past Decade

Before introducing the Taser 10, the Taser 7 was widely used by police departments across the United States. Released by Axon, the Taser 7 represented a significant step forward from earlier models, offering several notable features:

  1. Improved Targeting and Accuracy: The Taser 7 featured enhanced targeting capabilities with optimized probe spread and a dual-laser aiming system, allowing officers to hit their targets better, even at a distance.
  2. Reloadable Cartridges: One of the critical upgrades was the ability to quickly reload cartridges, reducing downtime during confrontations and increasing the device’s reliability in high-pressure situations.
  3. Innovative Technology: The Taser 7 incorporated smart technology connected with Axon’s evidence management system, providing valuable data on usage, including the number of discharges and the duration of each discharge.
  4. Increased Range: The Taser 7’s effective range was up to 22 feet, significantly improving over previous models, allowing officers to maintain a safer distance from potentially dangerous subjects.

"Sometimes there are multiple subjects that are fighting. Often, in my experience, the cartridge can fail and not get a full connection. Having multiple cartridges will be very helpful in the field." - Training Coordinator Brian Ong

Taser 10: The Next Generation

The Taser 10, also developed by Axon, represents the latest evolution in electroshock weapons, addressing the limitations of the Taser 7 while introducing advanced features designed to enhance safety and efficacy. Here are the key differences and improvements:

  1. Extended Range and Accuracy: The Taser 10 boasts an extended range of up to 45 feet, more than doubling the range of the Taser 7. This allows officers to engage threats from a significantly safer distance. Additionally, the Taser 10 features enhanced accuracy with a new targeting system that improves the precision of each shot.
  2. Increased Shot Capacity: Unlike the Taser 7, which requires manual reloading after each pair of shots, the Taser 10 can fire up to 10 cartridges without reloading. This increased capacity reduces the need for officers to reload in the middle of an engagement, providing continuous coverage and reducing vulnerability.
  3. Improved Connectivity and Data Management: The Taser 10 features upgraded innovative technology with better integration into Axon’s ecosystem. It provides real-time data streaming and more detailed analytics on usage, which can be crucial for training, accountability, and incident review.
  4. Enhanced Safety Features: The Taser 10 includes advanced safety features such as a redesigned grip and trigger system to prevent accidental discharges. It also offers more controlled discharge durations to minimize the risk of injury while ensuring effective target incapacitation.
  5. Adaptive Cross-Connect Technology: One of the groundbreaking features of the Taser 10 is the adaptive cross-connect technology, which allows the probes to connect even if one misses, increasing the likelihood of incapacitation on the first shot. 

"Any call we go to, there's the potential for violence, the potential for somebody to escalate a scene, be in crisis, and it's our job to de-escalate that ideally." - Training Coordinator Brian Ong

Implications for Law Enforcement

The transition from the Taser 7 to the Taser 10 has several significant implications for law enforcement agencies:

  • Enhanced Officer and Public Safety: The extended range and increased shot capacity of the Taser 10 enable officers to maintain a safer distance from potential threats while having more opportunities to subdue a suspect without reloading.
  • Operational Efficiency: Taser 10’s advanced data management and connectivity features allow departments to better monitor and review Taser usage, leading to improved training programs and more transparent accountability measures.
  • Reduced Use of Lethal Force: The improved accuracy, range, and reliability of the Taser 10 may lead to a reduction in the use of lethal force, as officers have a more effective non-lethal option at their disposal.
  • Cost Considerations: While the Taser 10 may represent a higher initial investment, its improved features and reduced need for frequent reloading can lead to long-term savings through enhanced operational efficiency and potentially fewer injuries.

"A device like a Taser can help us safely and efficiently overcome resistance or combative subjects. That's why Taser is a necessary tool." - Training Coordinator Brian Ong

The Taser 10 marks a significant advancement over the Taser 7, addressing critical limitations and introducing new features that enhance its effectiveness as a non-lethal law enforcement tool. By providing more range, accuracy, shot capacity, and data connectivity, the Taser 10 promises to improve officer and public safety while supporting more efficient and transparent policing practices. As technology continues to evolve, such innovations are crucial in meeting the complex demands of modern law enforcement.

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