Elevating Iowa DPS Recruitment

Elevating Iowa DPS Recruitment

When it comes to recruiting the most qualified candidates for your department, Epic’s 4-step recruiting process stands out. Using the Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) as an example, we’ll discuss how this comprehensive and strategic approach can transform your recruitment efforts.

Step 1: Strategy

Market Research and Campaign Planning

Epic starts with market research and campaign planning. With 16 years of marketing experience, Epic digs deep to understand what sets the Iowa DPS apart from other agencies. Real-time data and extensive research help craft a unique campaign highlighting the Iowa DPS’s strengths and opportunities.

Example: For the Iowa DPS, this phase involved identifying the unique aspects of each division, such as the State Fire Marshal, Iowa State Patrol, and Division of Narcotics Enforcement. By understanding what attracts candidates to these specific areas, Epic could tailor a campaign that speaks directly to potential recruits’ interests.

Step 2: Production

Creating Compelling Content

Once the strategy is in place, Epic’s creative team gets to work producing high-quality content. This includes sworn and non-sworn recruiting videos and professional photography designed to tell the Iowa DPS story effectively.

Example: Epic’s team created a series of dynamic videos showcasing life within the Iowa DPS. From the rigorous training at the DPS Academy to the day-to-day responsibilities in the Division of Criminal Investigation, these videos provided a vivid picture of what it means to serve in the Iowa DPS. Professional photography further highlighted the diverse and inclusive environment, featuring real officers in action. Epic visited Iowa DPS on numerous occasions to shoot new aspects of the department and continue producing high-quality relevant content.  

Step 3: Website

Developing a Central recruiting Hub

A well-designed recruiting website serves as the centerpiece of the Iowa DPS’s recruitment efforts. This electronic brochure allows potential candidates to easily learn about the department, apply for positions, and get in touch with recruiters.

Example: The Iowa DPS recruiting website became a one-stop shop for applicants. It featured detailed information on the 10-step selection process, benefits and FAQs, and special assignments within the DPS. The website also included compelling visuals and videos produced during the content creation phase, making it engaging and informative.

Step 4: Digital Recruiting

Online Recruiting and Social Media Management

Epic ensures a seamless and strategic online recruiting campaign targeting both lateral moves and new recruits. Utilizing channels like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the Iowa DPS reaches a broad audience with its message.

Example: For the Iowa DPS, Epic managed social media job postings and online recruiting campaigns, ensuring consistent and targeted messaging across all platforms. This approach helped attract a diverse pool of candidates who might not have otherwise considered a career with the Iowa DPS.

The Iowa DPS selection process is thorough and rigorous, requiring candidates to complete all phases, including graduating from the DPS Academy. This ensures that only the best candidates receive conditional and final offers of employment.

Example: The selection process includes various tests and evaluations designed to assess candidates’ physical, mental, and emotional readiness for the demands of the job. By promoting this rigorous process on their website and through their digital campaigns, the Iowa DPS attracts candidates who are serious about their commitment to public safety.

Benefits and Opportunities

The Iowa DPS offers a range of benefits and career opportunities. From the moment recruits enter the DPS Academy, they are on a path to professional growth and development.

Example: Highlighting benefits like competitive pay, extensive training, and opportunities for advancement helps attract top talent. The Iowa DPS also showcases special assignments and divisions, such as the Division of Narcotics Enforcement and the State Fire Marshal’s Office, allowing candidates to envision a long-term and fulfilling career.

Epic’s 4-step recruiting process provides a comprehensive and effective approach to attracting and retaining top talent. By applying this process to the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Epic helps create a compelling recruitment campaign that showcases the department’s strengths and opportunities. Whether through strategic planning, high-quality content production, a user-friendly website, or targeted digital recruiting, Epic ensures that the Iowa DPS stands out as an employer of choice in the field of public safety.

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