Diversifying Your Recruits Through Social Media

Looking to diversify your police department recruits? One of the best ways to do that is through social media. Social media content and ads not only build trust but tell our story. This can be done through: 

  • Having counter-stereotype imagery on website, social, and ads to rectify misconceptions
  • Celebrating holidays of underrepresented cultures within social media posts
  • Having 1-2 social posts per month dedicated to highlighting women & people of color
  • Running multiple ad campaigns which contain copy/ graphics that promote both gender & ethnic diversity
  • Utilizing specially-targeted audience features for inclusive and expansive reach of diverse individual



There is no way to successfully do this without the acknowledgment and repair of the relationship between police departments & people of color. Incidents of racism and the actions of “bad apples” have eroded the trust of minorities, toward law enforcement institutions as a whole. Police Departments must overcome this mistrust and are not immune from the consequences of the past behavior within other law enforcement agencies. Reversing this occurrence can be done with digital marketing strategies such as using counter-stereotype imagery, celebrating holidays of underrepresented cultures in social media posts, etc. This is also done by conducting open dialogue & assessing behavior, department culture, and policies.


Reach young people of color as they are still forming their identities and views of the world, allowing them to be open to the positive truths about law enforcement. Implore diversity marketing strategies for any community program. Address current issues as a part of the curriculum in any community classes. Think about starting a mentorship program for underrepresented groups that will show them that “officers do care about their lives”, will allow kids to build relationships with officers & see that they really aren’t all that the media portrays, and shows your department is committed to improving diversity.


In-office and online (intentional social media management), about your support of all cultures: If you are successful in recruiting people of color, they are going to feel both sides of “the current struggle” – they are minorities AND they are officers of the law, and they need to feel safe in both
of those identity pieces. Even more importantly, they need to know that their department supports both parts of them.



We’ve worked with some of the largest police departments in the country to support their diversity and recruitment efforts. Want to learn more about how Epic Recruiting can help you achieve your recruitment goals? Click the button below!

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