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Increase Diversity in Police Recruiting

Diversity in police recruiting is a key aspect in departments across the nation. As this can be a touchy subject, it’s a common conversation across all industries alike. Your team is a direct reflection of the community and it’s important to have hard-working, motivated team members who come from all different walks of life. Having diversity in the department and your team only enhances

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Best Police Recruitment Videos to Attract Quality Candidates

department mission Statement video First, make your website a 24/7 recruiting machine by placing a video front and center. A video from the chief talking about the department’s mission will inspire and spark action for future applicants. Show the values that make you stand out as a department in the law enforcement industry. But don’t let this be hidden under government websites either; the

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Police Recruitment Video Tips to Increase YouTube Views

Police online recruitment is becoming increasingly more effective with techniques such as police recruitment websites and police recruiting video content. Plus, online recruitment costs are more effective than traditional techniques. Epic Recruiting has experts that produce engaging, professional police recruiting videos for law enforcement departments across the nation. Then, once you have videos… what’s next? While still valuable, the best police recruiting video practices

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