Case Study

Richmond Police Department first approached Epic Recruiting looking....

for a new and innovative way to enhance their recruiting and marketing efforts. Being located in California, and especially in the Bay Area, it’s a challenge to stand out as a Department amongst the local competition. Luckily, Richmond was looking for the full recruiting package which would allow them to build a strong and cohesive brand. See how we helped develop a unique law enforcement marketing campaign that aimed to tell their story and increase applications.


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The first step...

was going through a discovery phase to fully understand what set Richmond apart from other Departments. This phases consisted of identifying the key elements that make the Richmond Police Department what it is. From the many specialized units and opportunities available within their law enforcement agency, it was an easy and exciting sell. Additionally, their mission is to portray that law enforcement is a calling, not just a job. Richmond PD impacts their community for the better, making a difference in individuals’ lives. 

Their main goal was to attract quality candidates...

to their Department who are looking to begin a career in law enforcement but they also had several support staff positions available as well. These non-sworn positions ranged from Dispatch, Crime Scene and Property Technicians, Records, and Park Rangers. This discovery phase allowed us to completely understand what it is Richmond wanted to highlight in their recruiting videos as well as how to tell their story effectively.

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An important part of the process is the branding.

We worked with Richmond to not only produce branded videos, but come up with messaging, coloring, and style that accurately represents their Department. We even created brochures and job fair booth displays that are cohesive with their vision and message.

Another important step in the process...

was building a custom recruiting website that will serve their Department for years to come. The website is built for web optimization which allows it to be visible and highly ranked across search engines. Not only that, it’s embedded with analytics that capture strong data that  allows us to retarget and track recruits during their research. Most importantly, it’s consistent with their vision and branding allowing potential candidates to get a feel of what it would be like to work for Richmond PD. Their main slogan, Be The Difference, sets the tone and feel for the right recruit.

Now with segmented recruiting videos, photography, complete branding, and a user-friendly website...

our team launched the next phase in the recruiting process, their online recruiting campaign. Rather than attending job fairs, putting up billboards, and relying on job boards, we designed a full digital marketing campaign optimized to target qualified candidates. Not only qualified candidates, but targeting niche audiences to extend diversity and reach millennials. In addition to the recruiting campaign, we created ‘recruiting specific’ social media channels to stay consistent with their recruiting brand. Through social media management and content calendars, we handle all the busy work and organic posting allowing Richmond to focus on the job at hand.