Optimize Police Recruiting Budget

police recruiting budget

Traditional media advertising is no match for digital media advertising in today’s climate. Increasing the quality and quantity of candidates will not come easy if police departments do not start to reassess and improve on their recruiting efforts. Find out why it is so important to optimize a police recruiting budget. The beginning of 2021 […]

Epic Recruiting and Guardian Alliance Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

epic guardian partnership

We are thrilled to announce we have officially teamed up with Guardian Alliance Technologies to simplify and streamline the police recruiting process. Guardian, a leader in the background investigation software industry, has developed a one of a kind product that assists law enforcement agencies of all sizes. Guardian software is designed specifically for the background […]

Increase Diversity in Police Recruiting

diversity in police recruiting

Diversity in police recruiting is a key aspect in departments across the nation. As this can be a touchy subject, it’s a common conversation across all industries alike. Your team is a direct reflection of the community and it’s important to have hard-working, motivated team members who come from all different walks of life. Having […]

Police Recruiter Spotlight with Richmond PD

richmond pd spotlight

In this month’s recruiter spotlight, we talked to Sgt. Ernest Loucas. He began his career in law enforcement in 2007 with the Richmond Police Department. After completing his field training program, he had the opportunity to work on several crime suppression projects throughout the city’s south side.  In 2009, he was selected to the police […]

Recruiting Police Officers with an Effective Digital Strategy

recruiting police officers with a digital strategy

Recruiting police officers today is a common challenge that many agencies face, especially with all of the distractions in today’s digital era. Is your law enforcement agency overcoming common barriers of recruitment and retention for the new millennium? Let’s dive deeper into this question. We’re told that the millennial generation is passionate, hardworking and eager […]

How to Recruit More Female Police Officers

how to recruit more female police officers

We all know that having women in law enforcement is important, so why is it that there are only 12.6% female officers nationwide? This is a loaded question but it is possible to recruit more female police officers to your department. In fact, in just six months, Hayward PD was able to increase female applicants […]

Tips for Better Police Recruiting and Retention within your Department

tips for better police recruiting and retention

Searching for new police recruits but not sure how to recruit and retain them throughout the process? This is a common challenge that we have seen with many departments over the last several years and gathering a large pool of candidates to apply and remain engaged throughout the application and background check process has proven […]

Police Recruiter Spotlight with Calaveras CSO

calaveras spotlight

For this month’s recruiter of the month, we spoke with Sergeant Greg Stark about the recruiting process. Sgt. Stark has worked for the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office since 1994. In that time, he has  worked in all divisions in the department. In addition to his duties as Administrative Sergeant, he is a responsible for recruiting, […]

5 Creative Police Recruiting Strategies

creative police recruiting strategies

In order to successfully recruit more candidates to your department, creative police recruiting strategies will separate you from competitors. Radio ads and job boards don’t do the trick anymore. At Epic Recruiting, we have over 16 years of experience recruiting the next generation of officers through creative police recruitment strategies. Let’s take a closer look […]

Police Recruiter Spotlight with La Habra Police Department

la habra spotlight

This month’s Featured PD Recruiter is Captain Adam Foster from California’s La Habra Police Department. Foster is originally from Orange County and has been on the force for over 17 years. With experience in SWAT, Internal Affairs, Detective and now the Operations Division, Captain Foster is well respected officer of La Habra PD.  When tasked […]