Social Media Q&A With Kelly Hajek

Social media and content creation are critical aspects of any marketing strategy and Epic Recruiting’s overall success. As an actively recruiting department, you must engage in social media and connect with your following. I sat down with Kelly Hajek, Epic Recruiting’s Social Media Manager, to learn about social media and how Epic utilizes social platforms […]

Discovery Day Q&A With Alex Johnston

Discovery day is an important element to Epic’s overall strategy. Epic goes out to location before they start their production process to get an overall feel for the area and the department they are working with. I sat down with Epic’s CCO and Co-founder Alex Johnston to learn about everything that goes into discovery day […]

Google Analytics Q&A With Brittany Winfrey

Google Analytics is a useful tool that anyone can use to track the success of their website. I sat down with Epic Recruiting’s Digital Marketing Manager, Brittany Winfrey, to learn more about Google Analytics and how it can help law enforcement agencies with their recruitment websites. Q: What is Google Analytics? A: Google Analytics is […]

Branding Q&A with Mike Ford

Branding, when used correctly, can be very successful for recruiting websites. I sat down with Mike Ford, the creative director at Epic Recruiting, to discuss branding and its importance when creating law enforcement recruitment websites. Branding can be very helpful for the department and Mike believes that having an one brand and one message is […]

Production Q&A With Marteen Cleary

Production is a huge component to Epic’s recruiting strategy. Capturing original photos and videos helps promote your department and all it has to offer while also building your individual brand. I sat down with Marteen Cleary, the lead producer at Epic, to learn about the production process and how to create professional high quality content. […]

Digital Recruitment Q&A with Brittany Winfrey

Police departments across the nation are facing a hiring crisis. With diminishing retention rates and fewer hires, departments are finding themselves understaffed. According to Brittany Winfrey, Digital Marketing Manager at Epic Recruiting, a Recruiting Agency that specializes in law enforcement, police departments recruiting methods have changed very little over the past 15 years. “Agencies we […]

Recruitment Websites Q&A with Sam Blonder

Law enforcement agencies have historically never used stand alone recruiting websites. According to Epic Recruiting’s CEO, Sam Blonder, failing to provide this critical tool to your recruiting team puts your agency at a massive disadvantage. I sat down with Sam and discussed why this tool has been elusive to law enforcement and what Epic sees […]

Showcase Your Department Culture

Developing a solid relationship with your community can enhance public safety, recruit new members, and make people feel welcome at your department. This is especially crucial in diverse communities where understanding the people that make up the community is vital for law enforcement to serve and represent them effectively.

Boost Your Recruitment

Have you ever wondered how police departments can increase the number of applicants and recruits? One effective strategy is to host hiring fairs, where interested individuals can learn more about the department and the application process. Another approach is to visit schools and universities to provide information about careers in law enforcement.

3 Things You Should Be Doing As A Recruiting Department

As an active recruiting department, there are a few things you need to be doing to be successful in recruiting the best candidates for your department. Firstly, make sure to practice budgeting and set aside a specific budget for recruiting purposes.