Recruiting Police Officers with an Effective Digital Strategy

Recruiting police officers today is a common challenge that many agencies face, especially with all of the distractions in today’s digital era. Is your law enforcement agency overcoming common barriers of recruitment and retention for the new millennium?

We’re told that the millennial generation is passionate, hardworking and eager to enter the workforce, yet there is a shortage of police recruitment and jobs. Law enforcement recruiters may consider a few alternative strategies to begin bridging the gap between vacant police positions and job-seeking millennials. Instead of using traditional, online job boards, let’s meet millennials where they are at; through social media, police recruiting websites and mobile friendly processes.

Three Strategies for Recruiting Police Officers|

recruiting police officers

Social Recruiting

Social recruiting, a term coined to describe the employment recruitment process through social media, has proven its effectiveness over and over again. Millennials are familiar and comfortable with most social media channels, which can eliminate some of the intimidation that exists throughout the application process. It also encourages a sense of inclusivity as these millennials consider joining your team!

Utilizing social media through the recruiting process isn’t just beneficial to job-seekers, though. Social recruiting gives police and sheriff agencies the opportunity to express the culture of your department, introduce existing staff and showcase the opportunities to impact the community.

Police Recruiting Website

With research and data that can’t be accessed through an online job board, a designated police recruiting website allows your department to determine exactly what job seekers are searching online and how you can be at the top of their search engines.

Not convinced? Take a look at Chino Police Department’s website and statistics. After Epic Recruiting created their police recruiting website, the department experienced not just an increase in applications, but were introduced to qualified and ideal candidates.

Becoming Mobile Friendly

In today’s world, we have almost unlimited internet access through our smartphones. This means that millennials’ job searches are usually being done through their phones and on the go! In order to gain a competitive edge over other employment opportunities or law enforcement departments, job information, websites and applications must be mobile friendly, and online job boards, quite frankly, just aren’t.

Police Recruiting Websites are…

  • Organized
  • Optimized
  • Effective

When it comes to recruiting police officers, count on Epic! We have a proven track record of effective marketing strategies and techniques. Take a look at the services we offer and the work we’ve done for other law enforcement agencies.


Do you already have a website or a video? Learn more about our recruiting packages! Each package delivers data-driven results while maximizing online presence.

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