Recruiting Police Officers Today with the Epic Recruiting Process

Epic Recruiting is the leading law enforcement recruiting agency in the nation. No other recruiting company offers the many services and solutions under one roof for recruiting police officers today. Epic Recruiting’s broad spectrum of services includes strategy and brand development, video production, photography, recruiting website design and administration, job fair booth and print design, and online recruiting. When put together, you get a police officer recruitment strategy that does the heavy lifting for you.

Recruiting police officers today impacts law enforcement agencies across the nation. Epic provides solutions to attract both experienced lateral police officers as well as the millennial officers of tomorrow.

Far beyond a passive job posting, Epic Recruiting uses multiple online campaigns to put your open position in front of candidates actively seeking a career in law enforcement. But we don’t stop there. At Epic Recruiting we are story tellers, sharing what makes your city a great place to work, live, and raise a family. 

police officer recruitment
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more engagement on job ads with video embedded
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more social media shares with video content over text and image

the video production process

Once teamed up with Epic Recruiting, we begin with a discovery phase where we get to know your department and how we can improve your police officer recruitment. Then, our creative team develops a concept to take to pre-production and then on to filming. Once that’s complete, we brand your police recruiting content and get it ready to be advertised across the web. Using a digital recruiting strategy allows us to advertise to other states and even across the nation. Our Epic Recruiting Process has proven success in police officer recruitment time and time again. Our process produces the best recruitment videos and law enforcement agencies get a wider candidate pool to choose from.

recruiting video production

Our recruitment videos are made specific to your unique department. The best recruitment videos are those that highlight the community involvement as well as the position itself. Epic takes the time to film every part of your team. These videos are perfect for promoting the department across social media and driving users to your website with the goal of converting. 

website design

The recruiting website is a vital piece of the puzzle. This is where potential applicants reach the final step to applying. Keep viewers interested and clicking with engaging video on your home page, and jobs out in the open rather than being hidden behind a cluttered government site. Recruiting police officers today can be a challenge, but a professional, user-friendly website is where you can stand out from the rest.

online campaign

Having enticing content and a killer website is actually just the first few steps. To really see an increase in your candidate pool, online advertising is the way to go. Our digital recruiters build recruiting strategies that target specific audiences. Additionally, online advertising allows us to generate engagement and impressions, both on social media and across the Google Network.

Case studies

La Habra Police Department came to us for recruiting videos, police recruitment brochures and a modern recruiting website. Check out the case study for more details on the work we did for them and the results we saw in their unique police recruitment plan.

Hayward P.D. was another successful project with recruiting materials such as video, website, photography and a trade show booth. Click above to see the final work and read more about the police recruitment process. 

Epic Recruiting is a forward thinking digital recruitment agency. Therefore, we work hard to create high-quality content that produces results. As you can see above, only after a month of running our online recruiting campaign, we saw enormous results for Hayward Police Department. Our creative recruiting ideas were able to recruit police officers today and give them a larger pool of candidates to build their team from. The police recruiting website was a key difference in the results we saw. With competitively high session time and page views, Hayward PD collected over 300 applications in just one month.

start recruiting better with

With over a decade of experience, Epic Recruiting knows just how to make your department stand out. Don’t wait any longer to start recruiting police officers today. Under one roof, Epic Recruiting creates everything needed for an unstoppable recruiting machine. So let’s work smarter and not harder with a digital recruiting strategy that does the heavy lifting for you. Give us a call today!

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