Police Online Recruitment: 10 Searches About Law Enforcement Jobs

Online police recruitment is in high-demand, law enforcement agencies are seeing long-term benefits and overall reduced costs for qualified applicants. Young applicants first turn to search engines and Police Department websites in order to learn more about Police Department hiring. First, to effectively answer the questions in their heads, we need to know what applicants are searching. Let’s look at the top ten searches about law enforcement jobs. Then, you’ll know how to tailor your police online recruitment techniques to specifically target those searchers.

Many law enforcement agencies are discouraged because they’re overwhelmed on where to begin their online police recruitment strategy. Understanding law enforcement career search trends allows applicants to find agencies more easily. Unlike traditional recruiting measures, online police recruitment is about having a website that is the hub of all communications. Much like a dispatch center, you want your online police recruiting efforts to be in constant communication and the first to respond. If you have a recruiting website and are looking to add more to it, perhaps answering these questions about law enforcement careers is a great start.

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#10.) What will disqualify a person from being a police officer?

Each month, there are about 1,000 searches pertaining to what disqualifies applicants from joining the police force. This a great opportunity to address the community of quality reassurance. Regardless of a checkered past or physical limitations, law enforcement isn’t for everyone.

#9.) what are some police officer interview questions?

Preparation is key, hence why there are over 2,500 searches pertaining to the face-to-face interview process. Offering this information to entry-level applicants will prepare them for what is to come. Plus, this will be a win-win as it will filter out some candidates not willing to go through the interview process.

#8.) what do police officers do on a daily basis?

There is no job description that properly addresses the daily tasks and duties of a police officer. This question accounts for 5,250 monthly searches. Based on related searches, this question is more about police rankings and what officers need to do in order to advance their careers. There is a large interest in detective work and applicants know they need to start somewhere.

#7.) can police officers have tattoos?

This question is searched about 7,300 times a month, more specifically, those who are searching are researching if police officers can have visible ink without covering it up. This includes searches for tattoos on hands, legs, and the neck. Although tattoos are more socially accepted, some agencies frown upon them.

#6.) best police departments to work for?

Larger states like Florida, Texas, and California account for the most of the searches to this question. About 10,260 potential applicants nationwide want to know what law enforcement agency is the best to work for. This topic doesn’t include salary or benefits, these searches pertain to researching options.

#5.) reasons to become a police officer

This is a question searched 11,250 times a month. These applicants are looking to relate and to belong. They are seeking why police officers become police officers in the first place and searching for the outcome throughout a police officer’s journey. This is also a question frequently asked throughout the interview process, so applicants are curious as to see how this question is answered.

#4.) What are the basic requirements to becoming a police officer?

This question and related questions account for 20,560 searches. Applicants want to know the physical and background requirements it takes before becoming a police officer. This includes everything from degree to weight requirements.

#3.) How long does it take to graduate from a police academy?

Searches pertaining to police training courses and academy certifications are on the rise. They account for 25,000 searches a month. How long does it take to complete police academy/training, what’s the best police academy, where is the nearest police academy, are all questions that serious candidates are seeking answers to.

#2.) How to become a police officer?

Each month, potential applicants search this question in various keywords that account for an average of 27,500 searches. These are highly searched throughout January and July. Answering this question can motivate fresh-faced graduates looking to start a career in law enforcement at your agency.

#1.) how much do police officers make?

Searches for police officer salaries, wages, and benefits combine a total of 30,580 searches nationwide. Much like “best police departments to work for,” these searches mostly generate from California, Florida, and Texas. This is a great opportunity to get in front of other local agencies and intercept potential candidates from applying elsewhere.

Your Police Department website is a very valuable recruiting tool. Recruit the next generation of police officers with a strong digital marketing strategy and website. Answer the questions they are asking. Continue being the trusted experts of your field. Utilize online tools to show off the unique qualities and professionalism of your Department.

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