Best Police Recruitment Videos to Attract Quality Candidates

There are many law enforcement recruiting techniques to reach the next generation, but video marketing has proven to be most successful. Every type of police recruitment video serves its own purpose, and the best police recruitment videos focus on the mission of your department. A law enforcement recruiting video can completely transform recruiting efforts and make application numbers soar. Aside from being visually appealing to viewers, video is the opportunity to get your message out to potential applicants. Let’s take a look at the different police recruiting video types and how they can improve your police recruiting techniques. Plus, learn how strategic digital marketing can enhance your videos and generate real results.

best recruitment videos

department mission Statement video

First, make your website a 24/7 recruiting machine by placing a video front and center. A video from the chief talking about the department’s mission will inspire and spark action for future applicants. Show the values that make you stand out as a department in the law enforcement industry. But don’t let this be hidden under government websites either; the best way to digitally recruit applicants is through your own optimized police recruiting website. Our work speaks for itself in the number of applicants we see driven to the police recruiting websites we create. 

SOCIAL Media recruiting

Additionally, the best police recruitment videos interact with the community and show the team camaraderie. Recruiting doesn’t always have to be completely serious, and social media is the place to show that. Consider a light-hearted police recruitment video to engage with the community online. Short, fun videos like the one shown here are perfect for sharing and connecting to the community in a more personal way. Social media for law enforcement is already a great way to spread awareness, and recruitment videos just add to that.  

targeting specific audiences

Next, one of the largest benefits of digital marketing is the ability to reach a large, specific audience. Creating content that highlights a certain demographic is a great way to show the diversity in your department. In the video here, Hayward PD highlights Sgt. Libier Ledezma and the importance of her role.  In addition, these videos are perfect for targeted ads, which means advertising to a specific age, gender, area, etc. This gets your content in front of the right eyes and attracts more candidates. Similar to department mission statement videos, these are great for ads and websites alike.

Getting you the best recruitment videos

We’re only scratching the surface. There are many ways to make you the best police recruitment videos personalized for your department. We start all police recruiting campaigns by prioritizing your team’s goals and the most effective way to reach them. Our services stretch, covering all your needs when implementing a new recruiting campaign. From a police recruiting website,  to digital marketing and professional video production, we have all you need for an increase in applications. So let’s start building your next police recruiting strategy today!

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