Police Recruitment Video Tips: Increase YouTube Video Views

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Police online recruitment is becoming increasingly more effective with techniques such as police recruitment websites and police recruiting video content. Plus, online recruitment costs are more effective than traditional techniques. Epic Recruiting has experts that produce engaging, professional police recruiting video for law enforcement Departments across the nation. Then, once you have videos… what’s next? While still valuable, the best police recruiting video practices include more than solely uploading content to your police recruitment website. We’re here to share with you some of the necessary tips for increasing views on your Department’s police recruiting video content and maximizing your return on investment!

First, we know that YouTube is a vital piece of the puzzle when improving police recruiting efforts. It is currently the second largest search engine which leads to great opportunity through online exposure. All police recruiting videos should be uploaded and optimized on YouTube in order to increase organic searches of your Department. Here are some of the easiest ways to quickly increase your police online recruitment when sharing videos online!

1. Suggest more Videos

police recruiting video

Cards are a very handy feature in YouTube! This is an opportunity to share other content while your video is being watched. Add cards to other videos, playlists or channels. By doing so, you can leverage all of your videos to get more views and lead viewers to your channel to watch more content. You’ll want to spread your cards out across the whole video and make sure that they are related so viewers are inclined to click on them.

Police recruitment is about selling the job to prospective candidates. Optimize your video content by choosing a climatic thumbnail. The more exciting and enticing the thumbnail, the more likely viewers are to click and watch. You also want to make sure that the preview is representative of what viewers will be watching, rather than an unrelated snapshot. Grab a shot from the video or upload an image, don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

2. Climactic Thumbnails

police recruiting video

3. Use Your Keywords

police recruiting video

YouTube is a search engine and scans through all content posted to optimize search results. One way they do this is through tags. Tag your videos with key words related to the content. This way, for example, when people look for “police recruiting video”, your video has a better chance of popping up. Use synonyms and post as many as necessary to cast a wide net for searches. Unsure about what words to use? A great first step is to thoroughly research what police recruitment searches are trending.

Next up, another way YouTube scans content is through descriptions and titles. When uploading your police recruiting video, optimize the number of views by loading your description with keywords. Your title should especially include a relevant keyword, while still being descriptive of the content subject. Like your police recruitment website, your YouTube channel is a platform to showcase your Department’s values and mission. The description of your police recruiting videos is a great place to showcase this.

4. title and description

police recruiting video

5. call to action

police recruiting video

While your YouTube channel houses all your videos, there are most likely other places you’d like to drive viewers to as well. For instance, social media platforms or a police recruitment website. This is why a call to action is important! In the description of your police recruitment video, end with a request from your viewers. Ask them to apply, to visit your website, to subscribe or follow on social media. Leverage the increase in views to get you more applicants!

While there are many things you can do to increase the traffic of your police recruiting video content, this is a good place to start. Epic Recruiting understands what it takes for an effective police online recruitment strategy. With our experienced team that has worked extensively with Departments of all sizes, we have everything you need from video production to digital marketing strategy. If you’re ready to see an increase in qualified applicants to your Department, reach out to us today!

Improve your Online Recruitment Strategy

Epic Recruiting is the leader in police recruiting and marketing solutions. We offer recruiters the best tools to find the ideal lateral and new recruit hires. Simply put, we are here to amplify your ability to reach and recruit the best and brightest.

Police Online Recruitment: 10 Searches About Law Enforcement Jobs

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Online police recruitment is in high-demand, law enforcement agencies are seeing long-term benefits and overall reduced costs for qualified applicants. Young applicants first turn to search engines and Police Department websites in order to learn more about Police Department hiring. First, to effectively answer the questions in their heads, we need to know what applicants are searching. Let’s look at the top ten searches about law enforcement jobs. Then, you’ll know how to tailor your police online recruitment techniques to specifically target those searchers.

Many law enforcement agencies are discouraged because they’re overwhelmed on where to begin their online police recruitment strategy. Understanding law enforcement career search trends allows applicants to find agencies more easily. Unlike traditional recruiting measures, online police recruitment is about having a website that is the hub of all communications. Much like a dispatch center, you want your online police recruiting efforts to be in constant communication and the first to respond. If you have a recruiting website and are looking to add more to it, perhaps answering these questions about law enforcement careers is a great start.

online police recruitment

#10.) What will disqualify a person from being a police officer?

Each month, there are about 1,000 searches pertaining to what disqualifies applicants from joining the police force. This a great opportunity to address the community of quality reassurance. Regardless of a checkered past or physical limitations, law enforcement isn’t for everyone.

#9.) what are some police officer interview questions?

Preparation is key, hence why there are over 2,500 searches pertaining to the face-to-face interview process. Offering this information to entry-level applicants will prepare them for what is to come. Plus, this will be a win-win as it will filter out some candidates not willing to go through the interview process.

#8.) what do police officers do on a daily basis?

There is no job description that properly addresses the daily tasks and duties of a police officer. This question accounts for 5,250 monthly searches. Based on related searches, this question is more about police rankings and what officers need to do in order to advance their careers. There is a large interest in detective work and applicants know they need to start somewhere.

#7.) can police officers have tattoos?

This question is searched about 7,300 times a month, more specifically, those who are searching are researching if police officers can have visible ink without covering it up. This includes searches for tattoos on hands, legs, and the neck. Although tattoos are more socially accepted, some agencies frown upon them.

#6.) best police departments to work for?

Larger states like Florida, Texas, and California account for the most of the searches to this question. About 10,260 potential applicants nationwide want to know what law enforcement agency is the best to work for. This topic doesn’t include salary or benefits, these searches pertain to researching options.

#5.) reasons to become a police officer

This is a question searched 11,250 times a month. These applicants are looking to relate and to belong. They are seeking why police officers become police officers in the first place and searching for the outcome throughout a police officer’s journey. This is also a question frequently asked throughout the interview process, so applicants are curious as to see how this question is answered.

#4.) What are the basic requirements to becoming a police officer?

This question and related questions account for 20,560 searches. Applicants want to know the physical and background requirements it takes before becoming a police officer. This includes everything from degree to weight requirements.

#3.) How long does it take to graduate from a police academy?

Searches pertaining to police training courses and academy certifications are on the rise. They account for 25,000 searches a month. How long does it take to complete police academy/training, what’s the best police academy, where is the nearest police academy, are all questions that serious candidates are seeking answers to.

#2.) How to become a police officer?

Each month, potential applicants search this question in various keywords that account for an average of 27,500 searches. These are highly searched throughout January and July. Answering this question can motivate fresh-faced graduates looking to start a career in law enforcement at your agency.

#1.) how much do police officers make?

Searches for police officer salaries, wages, and benefits combine a total of 30,580 searches nationwide. Much like “best police departments to work for,” these searches mostly generate from California, Florida, and Texas. This is a great opportunity to get in front of other local agencies and intercept potential candidates from applying elsewhere.

Your Police Department website is a very valuable recruiting tool. Recruit the next generation of police officers with a strong digital marketing strategy and website. Answer the questions they are asking. Continue being the trusted experts of your field. Utilize online tools to show off the unique qualities and professionalism of your Department.

Does your Department need ?

Epic Recruiting is a full-service police recruiting agency. With years of experience and a qualified staff, we can help you completely upgrade your police online recruitment strategy. With our competitive online recruiting packages, overcome the pain most law enforcement recruiters feel. Plus, once you’re a client, you are always a priority. Even later down the road you can count on Epic Recruiting to keep your applicant numbers growing. Still not sure what would work for your Department? Let’s talk shop and develop a plan with your specific goals in mind!

Chat with Epic Recruiting

Recruitment Costs: Digital vs. Traditional

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When allocating recruitment costs, it’s essential to budget for both internal and external costs. Realistically, law enforcement agencies should expect three to five years of service to recoup their return on investment (ROI). As online law enforcement recruiting strategies are proving to recoup these costs while saving time, generating more qualified leads based on applicants’ online characteristics and habits becomes easier. Strategically modernizing police recruiting efforts in today’s digital era generates more qualified applicants whereas traditional recruiting strategies generate quantity; receiving a lot of applications lacking qualifications. This recruiting strategy consumes law enforcements smallest resource, time. Pulling officers from the community they protect and serve to recruit at job fairs or pass out recruiting brochures not only increases recruitment costs but also increases manpower.

JOB FAIR + EVENTS = Traditional Recruiting

The time Police Departments spend searching for qualified candidates should be reversed. Instead of searching, get in front of those searching for law enforcement career openings. With that being said, let’s compare traditional law enforcement recruiting costs and online recruiting costs. Once the proper research has been conducted, there are many variables that add up when attending police job fairs. Hosting a booth at a job fair allows the face-to-face interactions with potential candidates, however, the time law enforcement agencies have is limited. According to the U.S. General Services Administration, the average daily per diem rate for meals is about $50-75 per employee. Recruitment costs add up when travel, accommodations, and various event fees are taken into consideration.

  • Branding & Design
  • Manufacturing & Shipping
  • Personnel Coverage (2-4 Police Officers)
  • Event Space/Rental
  • Collateral/Freebies
  • Printed Brochures
  • Set-Up/Tear Down
  • Booth Accessories: Table Cloth
  • Meals/Travel Expenses
  • Utilities: Wifi/Electrical
  • Job Fair/Event Promotion


A police recruiting website is the modern version of a traditional job fair booth. Google is going to help candidates find you when they’re actively seeking a career in law enforcement. Search Engine Optimization is how your website ranks organically, resulting in free online recruiting traffic. Most recruiting website agencies charge extra for this feature however Epic Recruiting includes SEO in addition to other line items within the total website recruitment costs.

recruitment costs
  • Branding, Design & Development
  • Mobile Optimizations
  • Copywriting
  • Tracking and Data Reporting
  • Domain Hosting
  • System/Software Updates
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Search Engine Marketing is online paid advertising that immediately generates awareness and incentives to those looking for Police Departments that are hiring. Top page results for law enforcement jobs are 80% cheaper per click than job boards. Google is going to help candidates find you when they’re actively seeking a career in law enforcement.


The world’s largest search engine! Each month, over 170,000 Law Enforcement Career related searches are conducted nationwide.

recruitment costs
  • Police Jobs are Searched 170,000 Each Month
  • Avg. $2.10 Per Click


The world’s second largest and most utilized search engine. Potential law enforcement applicants turn to YouTube to receive answers to their questions.

recruitment costs
  • Maximizes Reach: Applicants and Community
  • Avg. $0.08 per View


Social media recruiting allows Police Departments to post a variety of engaging and informative content for potential candidates and the community.

  • Drives Page Engagement: Likes, Shares, Comments
  • Avg. $0.45 Per Engagement


Epic Recruiting knows what it takes. The focus isn’t about re-creating the wheel, but making the wheel more effective. We do that by offering solutions and resources that modernize police recruiting efforts regardless of recruitment strategies, from job fairs to online. We offer a number of traditional and digital resources that will allow your Department to stay ahead of the game. Attract the next generation of police offers and overcome the challenges most Police Departments face in today’s digital era.

Police Online Recruitment: The Epic Recruiting Package

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Epic Recruiting offers law enforcement agencies nationwide the proven formula to attract the most qualified applicants through each online recruiting service. Our strategic recruiting specialists and creative team work together to deliver data-driven recruiting solutions, catering to each Police Department and their recruiting budget. We provide cost-effective solutions that generate qualified applicants based on their current online job searches. From video production and professional photography to web design and online advertising, we do it all! Whether you’re recruiting entry-level candidates or looking to hire lateral police officers, we provide modern solutions to combat current police recruiting challenges.

As the leading police recruiting agency, utilizing the best job search engines and online recruiting strategies, Epic Recruiting knows exactly how to recruit the next generation of police officers. In addition, we prioritize the integrity of your Police Department and the community it serves. We work closely with law enforcement agencies every step of the way, ensuring the hiring and application process is seamless. Not only for Human Resources but potential applicants as well. If you’re looking for police recruiting ideas, here’s an overview of each service and what it takes when recruiting police officers today.

Online Police Recruiting Package

online recruiting

video production

First, we supply video production services. The photography and video features real officers, your officers. We produce the video to showcase the benefits of joining your agency, including the amazing tools and facilities you offer. Most importantly, it shows the camaraderie that is only expressed through the power of video and photography.

police recruiting website

Web Design

The center of your recruiting platform is the police recruiting website. This is what potential recruits turn to first and is centered around your police online recruiting strategy. We build each website from the ground up by our Epic Recruiting design team so that it’s highly visible on all search engines. Additionally, social media links are integrated into the site, expanding your reach and building momentum as videos are shared, pages are “liked” and tweets are read.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Also know as SEO, this is process of optimizing factors that determine how search engines display search results. SEO is a constantly evolving science that requires frequent attention and adaptation. Using the data gathered during our keyword research, we will create an SEO strategy designed to get your website ranking longterm results. We also offer solutions to just start leads through strategic online advertising and marketing packages.

online police recruiting

HR Tools and print

The Human Resources software built into your recruiting website lets you post jobs, manage leads, and track results. Empower your recruiting department with an HR tool built exclusively for their needs. Our award-winning Art Department will create long-lasting assets that show off your Department and attract candidates.

Let’s get started

Now that you understand our police online recruiting package, it’s your turn! There’s no better time to improve your police marketing strategy than now. Here at Epic Recruiting, our team takes you and your project seriously, always keeping you at top priority. We want to see your Department succeed and are honored to be a part of it. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done in the past for our clients and find out what we can do for you.

Graduate Recruitment Strategy: Recruiting Graduates In Competitive Times

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Recruiting graduating students in competitive times and building an effective graduate recruitment strategy is a real challenge. Years ago, recruiters used traditional strategies, where as today’s graduates are now being reached digitally. Graduate recruitment best practices rely on understanding your target market and how they’ve changed over the years. If you are tasked with hiring police officers, start by asking yourself the right questions. Next, check out these tips for recruiting graduate students!

The Student Then

First, we need to realize graduate recruitment strategy is not what it used to be. Even just a few years ago, graduating students had far different habits and therefore recruiting now is a different ballgame. For one thing, teens and young adults drove more than they do now. Getting their license was a right of passage, meaning more radio listeners and mall-goers which supported traditional recruiting strategies. Graduate recruiting plans used to involve multiple messages across print and radio ads. Now, we realize it is less effective now due to the lower number of students getting the message.

Later, MTV had a huge impact on graduate recruiting strategies as well. MTV, and television in general, was the main form of entertainment for teens and young adults. Graduating students were watching TV about 2.5 hours a day, taking up a large part of their free time. For every hour watched, there’s about 14 minutes of commercials being consumed. Now, cable TV is being watched less and less. As a result, media intake and social habits are far different today. Let’s look closer at how graduating students have changed.

graduate recruitment strategy

the Student now

Today, young adults and teens are spending about 7.5 hours a day looking at a screen, and mainly their smartphones. Students aren’t driving as much and malls are decreasing in number. This means traditional print marketing just doesn’t do the job anymore. Even when students are out and about, they are looking at their phones rather than what’s around them. MTV has taken a large hit since cable television has been taken over by online streaming services. According to AdWeek, Neilsen recently identified usage of these services increased on average by 30% percent over 2016. Their viewership has been at a constant drop for the last decade and is no longer the way to reach young adults. MTV, what used to be the only way to stay in the know, is now just one of the many platforms fighting for viewers’ attention. Media is a different world than it used to be. Therefore, as recruiters, it is vital to evolve your graduate recruitment strategy accordingly.

graduate recruitment strategy

From print, to commercials and now onto the web! Next up, the biggest digital tools recruiters should be using to attract graduating students is social media, YouTube and websites with strong digital content. It is also the perfect opportunity to integrate your marketing efforts. This means taking one consistent message and spreading it across all platforms! The student today spends most of their time consuming content, so going digital is the best way to reach them. A great example of this would be showcasing a video message from your Chief talking about your Department’s mission then posting it across the web, social media and YouTube, like Foothills De Anza PD’s Police recruiting video. This is a simple way to instantly improve your graduate recruitment strategy.

There are many strategies for recruiting police officers, and having a strong digital presence is just the first step. Finally, what will really set your Department apart from others when recruiting graduates, is targeting your audience. This means using tools in YouTube and social media to directly pinpoint your potential recruits. Target based off of their life events, school or field of study. That’s right, you can market your recruitment content specifically to students about to or recently graduated! Like MTV did in the past, audience targeting gets your message in front of exactly who needs to see it.

Let’s get started…

Epic Recruiting is here to attract more applicants and give your Department a digital marketing makeover. We offer a number of digital tools that will allow your Department to stay ahead of the game. Anything from video production to digital marketing, we got you covered. Talk to us about your Department, its goals and needs, and we’ll create a graduate recruiting plan that’s just for you! Don’t wait any longer to get qualified applicants through your door.

Police Recruit Shortage

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Many Police Departments are going through a police recruit shortage, despite the efforts and plans developed by law enforcement agencies. Why is finding applicants such a problem for officers? This severe issue is hurting Departments in cities across the country; use these ideas solve your recruiting challenges!

police recruit shortage

Out-of-Area recruiting

First, one reason for police recruit shortage is the lack of reach outside of the Department’s town and nearby cities. There are a number of willing young job seekers that search the web for police jobs outside of their home state. In fact, 84% of millennials are willing to relocate for a job and 80% would take a pay cut if it meant moving to their dream state. In addition, a job as a police officer checks the needs of many people ages 21–35. Things such as social responsibility, loyalty and retirement options are all valued by this age range.

This puts an emphasis on the need for strong websites, SEO and exciting content of your Department and city. The top recruiting job boards for careers in law enforcement are actually online platforms that people use everyday. 73% of companies have used social media to successfully recruit and hire; using the web will expand your reach greatly!

Traditional Techniques

Next, let’s look at what’s been done before to battle police recruit shortage. Typically, police recruiting involves going to local colleges. This is useful, as it allows one-on-one contact with working officers. The downside is that you are only able to reach people locally. Most of all, job fairs cost money, time and manpower — all things better conserved when facing a police recruit shortage.

To get the same message out to the nearby states, try using strong, lively video content on your recruitment website’s homepage. As a result, curious prospects feel like they are getting a real glimpse of your Department. Creating a strong brand and adding more digital assets to your marketing efforts will catch the eye of any likely recruit.

in with the new

Now, as times change, so does career perception. In today’s society, it’s been believed that police officer roles have become less attractive, leading to less people knocking at the door. Though other factors, like retirement rates, are a big cause of high attrition rates and police recruit shortage. For instance, the retirement age is low in California and the goal for many officers is to retire at age 50. Due to this, Departments are losing officers faster than they are gaining them, adding to the police recruit shortage.

Police officer

In addition, a useful technique is to show a more flashy side of the job to appeal to the younger people. Having a strong tone and voice in all marketing goes a long way, shedding light on what it truly means to be an officer of the law. The experts here at Epic know just how to do it.

Try solving these recruiting issues by building your Department’s brand and spanning digital marketing efforts outside of your state. Digital advertising is a cost effective way to improve recruitment. Epic is here to help you create exciting videos, target your future recruits and make a digital space that invites people from across the country. Check out which online recruiting package works best with your budget and let’s get started!

Start your epic recruiting today

Epic Recruiting truly stands apart from the field with its central focus on police department hiring. Get your video today!

Recruit the Next Generation, Now

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Recruiting police officers today is a common challenge that many agencies face, especially with all of the distractions in today’s digital era. Is your Law Enforcement Agency overcoming common barriers of recruitment and retention for the new millennium?

We’re told that the millennial generation is passionate, hardworking and eager to enter the workforce, yet there is a shortage of police recruitment and jobs. Law Enforcement recruiters may consider a few alternative strategies to begin bridging the gap between vacant police positions and job-seeking millennials. Instead of using traditional, online job boards, let’s meet millennials where they are at; through social media, police recruiting websites and mobile friendly processes.

recruiting police officers

Social Recruiting

Social recruiting, a term coined to describe the employment recruitment process through social media, has proven its effectiveness over and over again. Millennials are familiar and comfortable with most social medias, which can eliminate some of the intimidation that exists throughout the application process. It also encourages a sense of inclusivity as these millennials consider joining your team!

Utilizing social media through the recruiting process isn’t just beneficial to job-seekers, though. Social recruiting gives Police and Sheriff Agencies the opportunity to express the culture of your Department, introduce existing staff and showcase the opportunities to impact the community.

Police Recruiting Website

With research and data that can’t be accessed through an online job board, a designated police recruiting website allows your Department to determine exactly what job seekers are searching online and how you can be at the top of their search engines.

Not convinced? Take a look at Chino Police Department’s website and statistics. After Epic Recruiting created their police recruiting website, the Department experienced not just an increase in applications, but were introduced to qualified and ideal candidates.

Becoming Mobile Friendly

In today’s world, we have almost unlimited internet access through our smartphones. This means that millennials’ job searches are usually being done through their phones and on the go! In order to gain a competitive edge over other employment opportunities or law enforcement departments, job information, websites and applications must be mobile friendly, and online job boards, quite frankly, just aren’t.

of recruiters prefer social media

  • Organized
  • Optimizable
  • Effective
of people apply for jobs through their mobile device

When it comes to recruiting police officers, count on Epic! We have a proven track record of effective marketing strategies and techniques. Take a look at the services we offer and the work we’ve done for other law enforcement agencies.


Job searches such as “Law Enforcement Careers” have increased 50% year-over-year, yet police departments are reporting a decline in new recruits.


Do you already have a website or a video? Learn more about our recruiting packages! Each package delivers data-driven results while maximizing online presence.


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Free Session with an Epic Recruiting Pro!

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As the economy heats up, the recruiting market will continue tighten and finding those optimal candidates will get more difficult. Get a brief online overview from a Epic Recruiting Specialist. Gain an understanding of current police job search trends, accompanied with an online strategy to attract qualified applicants. Industry insight, competitive analysis and recruiting recommendations directly from Epic’s Recruiting experts.

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Epic Recruiting Is Heading To COPSWEST 2017

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Epic Recruiting is heading to COPSWEST October 30th through November 1st! As one of the largest police training expeditions on the West Coast, this convention is one-of-a-kind. Being a leading recruiting agency, we offer law enforcement agencies nationwide the best tools to find the most qualified hires. Whether you’re looking to revamp your recruiting website, develop a new marketing strategy or produce videos showcasing the camaraderie of your Department, Epic Recruiting can help.

Get a one-on-one session with an Epic Recruiting Specialist to discuss your next marketing strategy in order to find you the most qualified recruits. Industry insight, competitive analysis and recruiting recommendations directly from Epic’s Recruiters.



Watch for us at COPSWEST, stop by booth #352 and enter to win an Apple Watch! Winners will be announced November 1st at 2PM via social media. Be sure to follow us and good luck!

Top Job Search Websites: Police Recruiting Website vs. Job Board

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The top recruiting job boards for careers in law enforcement are actually online platforms that people use everyday. If your agency is having problems attracting the next generation of law enforcement, so is corporate America. Although Millennials (ages 18-33) account for 80% of online audiences, there are additional qualified applicants who are searching the web looking for police job opportunities and purposely avoid job boards. Job seekers are easily frustrated when searching job boards because there are too many advertising distractions, too much clutter, out of date postings and no clear call to action or contact form.

Unlike top job search websites, a police recruiting website will provide online analytics and data unlike any job board. Utilizing a branded Department website acts as a marketing tool that advertises 24/7. More importantly, implementing search trends that potential candidates are inquiring about will put your Department at the top of search engines. So, what are applicants searching?


Police jobs near me
Lateral and Transfer Position
Police Academy Training Requirements
Police Salary and Benefits


On average, police and law enforcement jobs are searched just as much as “work from home jobs” yet, many law enforcement agencies notice a decline in recruitment applications. Corporate America also faces these issues. With the saturation of job boards throughout the Internet, it is hard to be at the right place at the right time. Each month, there are over 170,000 searches regarding ‘law enforcement jobs’ in the United States. With this being said, although Departments are seeing a decline in applications, it’s safe to say that potential candidates are still looking. What’s the issue? They can’t find your Department.

top job search websites

As searches for “Law Enforcement Careers” increase 50% year-over-year, it’s time to start dividing and conquering recruiting efforts across multiple platforms. This allows higher visibility and extends your reach more than any job board could do. What are these platforms? Well, let’s start with that police recruiting website. This is the hub of all your recruiting efforts. In addition, crafting an effective marketing strategy to reach the most qualified recruits is key. Let’s discuss three online marketing strategies that you want to start utilizing.

Google: Paid Search Recruiting

Search engines like Google and Bing allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results. Top Page Results for law enforcement jobs are 80% cheaper per click than job boards. Google is going to help candidates find you when they’re actively seeking a career in law enforcement.

YouTube: Video Recruiting

YouTube is second largest search engine, next to Google. With this strategy, it’s easy to target those who were previously in public safety positions and government careers in the last 90 days based on the “Interests” category. Also known as YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, this is a six-second spot that plays before the desired video that can play throughout the Internet focusing on those who are interested in police officer careers. This type of advertising is less focused on driving traffic to your website and more brand awareness centric. Much like broadcast advertising in the sense that it promotes to the masses, however, instead of everybody, only those interested in Government and Public Safety careers will see the video. GoArmy.com receives 457,100 unique visitors a month and 21% of them come from YouTube.

Social Media Recruiting

Demographic targeting can get as niche as targeting students based on a field of study as well as attracting potential lateral officers by targeting specific job titles. Facebook and Twitter are great for re-engaging and keeping the conversation going. Posts about community outreach and local heroism are what these job seekers want more of. They want to not only see how they can make a difference in the community, but also want to see how others are making a difference. Social Media has such an impact on today’s society that news outlets rely on such resources and transparency. Currently, there are 150,000 active Facebook and Instagram users with a “Law Enforcement” job title on their profile. Over 1,800,000 profiles currently include law enforcement and criminal justice as a field of study.

Cost Per Click is
Cheaper than a Job Board charges
Departments report a
INCREASE in candidate quality

Job boards not only bombard applicants with sponsored listings, they can be misleading to niche applicants. Providing unclear job descriptions and limited information, 28% of new hires quit due to unclear daily duties. Although a few top job search websites offer free job postings, they only provide surface level information for a limited time. Therefore, job seekers are unclear on contact information making the application process frustrating. With a police recruiting website and a cohesive online marketing strategy, you are guaranteed to reach more qualified applicants and be there when they are looking.

Check out the police recruiting work we’ve created for other law enforcement agencies. From websites to video, our online recruiting services are guaranteed to deliver qualified candidates.