Online recruitment costs include data-driven results while maximizing exposure throughout Google, YouTube and Social Media. Job searches such as  “Law Enforcement Careers” have increased 50% year-over-year, yet police departments are reporting a decline in new recruits. Resources need to meet this demand and online recruiting efforts must be optimized accordingly. Unfortunately, job fairs and job boards are not attracting the full capacity of qualified police officers. Where traditional recruiting measures lack, online recruiting exceeds by converting and intercepting qualified applicants everywhere at any time.


$ 2,500

Per Month
  • 500 Clicks
  • 50,000 Impressions
Designed for Departments with
49 or less Sworn Officers

Best utilized to generate impressions and build recruiting awareness. This package is well suited for growing audiences and introducing your Department.

Social Media Advertising:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram




$ 5,000

Per Month
  • 1,750 Clicks
  • 200,000 Impressions
Ideal For Departments with
50 to 249 Sworn Officers

Optimizing for brand awareness and views, this package is an ideal option to reach candidates and see quick results.

YouTube Advertising
Gmail Email Campaign
Social Media Advertising:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram




$ 7,500

Per Month
  • 3,500 Clicks
  • 225,000 Impressions
For Departments with over
250 Sworn Officers

Through the use of multiple advertising initiatives on various platforms, you can reach the most potential candidates. Campaigns optimized for clicks act as the vehicle that drives traffic to the site where campaigns optimized for views generate brand awareness.

Google Search
Display Advertising
YouTube Advertising
Gmail Campaign
Social Media Advertising:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



Google Search: 

Pay-per-click is a search-centric strategy that generates an immediate response. Optimized for clicks, driving those in search of the website to learn more and apply. Targeting smaller audiences in real-time searching for such opportunities.

  • Example: Searching Police Jobs or Careers in Law Enforcement.

Google Display: 

A visual campaign strategy that utilizes video and/or banners. Optimized for clicks and driving job-seeking recruits to visit the website, placed upon reliance topics of interest.

  • Example: Target those who have researched content regarding the topic of employment in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement in the past 90 days.

YouTube Advertising:

Video advertising that plays 15-30 second video content before the desired video. This strategy targets larger audiences based on a larger scale of interests optimized to generate views, brand awareness, and organic leads.

  • Example: Target those who have viewed multiple videos in the past 365 days related to interests such as Military, Public Safty, and Home Security.

Gmail Advertising: 

An email campaign in a newsletter format that is optimized for engagement. Targeting smaller yet relevant audiences who are most likely to submit an application. Delivered to those who receive emails from certain domains or open specific email communications with various keywords in the subject line.

  • Example: Great to target larger or neighboring agencies that a potential job seeker has already applied for.

Social Media:

A strategy optimized to generate community awareness and reported to increase referrals by 70%.  Optimized towards medium to larger audiences to engage (sharing, like, comment and tag friends). Driving potential applicants to your page based on their geographic location and profile criteria.

  • Example: Targeting current job titles or fields of study.

Reporting and Admin: 

Before beginning work, your agency will understand where each cent is being spent, who it’s targeting and why. Each month, you’ll receive comprehensive reporting results and an Epic Recruiting Specialist will go over the results, successes and possible areas for improvement. Evaluate the return-on-investment each month, no commitment necessary.

Note: Click and impressions quotes are estimates.  Final click and impression results will depend on conditions specific to each market.  Epic works with each Department and customizes every campaign to maximize results and provide the best return on investment possible.